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Gingival recession coverage using alloderm. Hands on Demonstration. Part 4

Posted on 31 December 2014
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Filmed at the SSRDG and RD UK Conference 2014. In this hands-on workshop series of videos Dr Pascual demonstrates how to prepare a recession site for a root coverage procedure, how to prepare alloderm as a donor tissue and the suturing technique for coronal positioning of the flap. This hands-on video series is a very useful method to learn about gingival recession root coverage using alloderm. This is Part 4 of 4 is demonstrating the techniques to raise a connecting tissue graft from the palate

To view Part 1 Click here. Part 1 is demonstrating the preparation of the recession defect and alloderm preparation. Hands-on exercise explaining how to prepare a recession defect recipient site using tunnelling technique

To view Part 2 Click here. Part 2 is demonstrating alloderm preparation and trimming for the recipient site, and how to insert of the alloderm into the defect.

To view Part 3 Click here. Part 3  is demonstrating how to suture alloderm and coronally position multiple recession defects

To view Part 4 scroll below

These lectures, workshops and discussion panels were all filmed as part of the 2014 SRRDG and RD-UK conference. To view the complete list of all 21 videos click here