Grand designs. Restoring the edentulous ridge

Posted on 31 January 2016
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This is one of 7 videos filmed at the BSRD conference in November 2015. To view the other lecture links, click here  . The lecture line up featured Professor Nicola West, Dr James Baker, Dr Bob Wasell, Professor Tara Aghaloo and the last ever lecture from Dr Paul King. There were case presentations from Dr James Ban and Dr Mohammed Aldashti.

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In this lecture, Professor Tara Aghaloo provides a overview of the edentulous ridge and various factors to consider when developing these for patient rehabilitation. Professor Aghaloo looks at what options can be provided to make it suitable for implant based rehabilitation. She provides information on grafting materials, tilted implants, procedures to avoid sinus lifting, immediate vs non immediate loading and various other aspects for the edentulous ridge development. A great lecture for practitioners involved in implant dentistry

Aims and Objectives

  • The various factors to considering in developing the edentulous ridge.
  • The important factors to consider during assessment for implants
  • The criteria to consider for fixed and removable prosthesis design
  • When to graft and when to use alternative solutions
  • Survival rates of various types of grafting materials
  • Survival rates of tilted implants
  • Procedures to avoid sinus lifts – xygomatic and pterygoid implants Immediate placement vs immediate loading in the edentulous patient
  • Examples of cases for the edentulous patient


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