Implants in the aesthetic zone. Part 2. Live Surgery of implant placement and GBR

Posted on 06 February 2016
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This series of videos was filmed as part of the Implants in the Aesthetic Zone Masterclass with the QMUL faculty in November 2015. This is Part 2 which is the livesurgery of the implant placement. Dr Shahdad via commentary shows how he places the implant in the aesthetic zone, including the critical factors in flap design to minimise recession and scarring, the critical factors for the optimal 3-dimensional placement of the implant, and the important tips in ensuring a successful GBR procedure. Lots of beneficial tips for those practitioners placing implants in the aesthetic zone.

This was filmed as part of the implant aesthetics masterclass with Dr Shakeel Shahdad (UK and Ireland ITI chair), Dr Mital Patel, Dr Nikos Mardas , Dr Claudia Wellman and the QMUL Faculty.

Part 1 features the extraction video and planning stage. To view Part 1 Click here

Part 2 features Dr Shahdad's live surgery of implant placement and GBR in the aesthetic one.  To view part 2 scroll below

Part 3 features Dr Nikos Mardas demonstrating GBR techniques - including flap design and suturing techniques for successfull GBR in the aesthetic zone. To view Part 3 click here

Part 4 features Dr Claudio Wellman demonstrating provisionalisation. To view Part 4 click here