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Occlusal splints. Are they any good ?

Posted on 31 January 2016
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This is one of 7 videos filmed at the BSRD conference in November 2015. To view the other lecture links, click here  . The lecture line up featured Professor Nicola West, Dr James Baker, Dr Bob Wasell, Professor Tara Aghaloo and the last ever lecture from Dr Paul King. There were case presentations from Dr James Ban and Dr Mohammed Aldashti.

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Dr Bob Wassell provides an excellent lecture on occlusal splints. He discusses various aspects of how splints are applied in cases of TMJ disorders, bruxism, and stabilisation of jaw positions. Dr Wassell gives an overview of the contraindications of splints and limitations, and the challenges with over the counter splints.

Aims and Objectives

  • How splints are applied in cases of TMJ disorders
  • Understand TMD and what conservative management may be considered prior to splints
  • How splints are appled in cases of bruxism
  • Stabilisation of jaw position options
  • Contraindications to stabilisation splints 
  • Problems with splitns and how to avoid them
  • An overview of the over the counter splints