Predictable aesthetics in oral implants: biological principles

Posted on 30 March 2014
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Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of achieving predictable aesthetic results with dental implants whilst respecting biologic principles, taking into consideration:

  • Treatment planning, treatment limitations
  • Platform switching and the mismatched platform, scientific support
  • The thickness of the soft tissue, and positioning the implant from the gingival margin of the future restoration
  • Distance between adjacent implants AND implants and teeth
  • Bucco-lingual and mesio-distal positions
  • Factors that may influence marginal bone loss, selecting the correct abutments
  • Customised impressions, digital impressions
  • Immediate implants
  • Implant stability quotient (ISQ), primary stability
  • Bone regeneration, regenerative materials, flap design, incisions, primary closure
  • Emergence profile management
  • Videos of implant placements

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