Principles of risk assessing and the risk assessment process for dental practices.

Posted on 07 May 2015
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This is part of the practice management series from the expert team at One SG. To view the entire series click here (topics on HR, Employee management, Health and Safety, and much more)

In this series on Health and Safety, Rhys Jones discussed the aspects of health and safety that are needed for practices to remain safe. You can see this entire series playlist here.

In the first of the three parts, he talks about the risk assessment process, the steps needed to carry out a risk assessment,  how to make the risk estimation and to put protocols in place.

Aims and Objectives of this part:

  • Understand what is a hazard
  • Understand what is a risk 
  • Understand the steps to carry out a risk assessment procedure
  • Understand how to make a risk estimation
  • Understand how to make a judgement to complete or amend the necessary control measures

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