Protrusive Dental Podcast #20 - If you’re not in centric relation, you will die

Posted on 10 April 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • Learn the definition(s) of CR
  • Know when to use this position in clinical dentistry
  • Appreciate when not to use CR in certain cases
  • Debunk of myths around CR
  • Discussion on the reason and love for continual study in the field of occlusion
  • Definition of CR (applicable one!) and why we have to rely on teeth as references
  • Why is the 'reproducibility' of CR useful?
  • When you should NOT use CR as the position to rehabilitate: 2 Good examples given
  • In situations where you avoid CR, how can you ensure success?
  • Brief discussion about orthodontics and the controversy of whether orthodontists should be planning from CR
  • What happens to patients rehabilitated in CR position over time?
  • If you restore someone in CR - can you stop their bruxism
  • There may also be an anatomical reason not to use CR, discussion
  • Remember - most of our dentistry is conformative and in ICP/MIP - Become a GOOD conformer first!

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