Protrusive Dental Podcast #21 – All things veneers

Posted on 15 May 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an overview of Manrina's journey with cosmetic dentistry and veneers - how did she get the exposure early on in her career?
  • Ceramic vs composite veneers
  • What percentage of her patients have pre-restorative orthodontics?
  • Which burs does she use for her preps? (Bur codes listed on Protrusive Dental community:
  • What prep protocols does she use?
  • What kind of stents?
  • How to communicate shade with lab and the patient
  • Does Manrina follow an 'Occlusal Philosophy' to ensure (para)functional longevity of her veneers?
  • How to manage patients with ultra-high expectations
  • The use of Photoshop to show patient the possibilities with their smile
  • Why temporary/provisional veneers are so important
  • How does she fabricate good looking, long-lasting provisional veneers?
  • What is the bonding protocol?
  • How does she reduce mistakes during a stressful bonding appointment?
  • She gives a very good veneer bonding hack towards the end!
  • Gain an overview of ceramic veneers in dentistry, from preparation to cementation
  • Important communication skills, relevant to aesthetic dentistry
  • Know tooth preparation systems, and guides
  • Learn the clinical steps in the cementation of veneers
  • Appreciate the role of perfect veneer temporaries

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