Protrusive Dental Podcast #25 - Got your back - physiotherapy, lower back pain and dentistry

Posted on 14 June 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • Understand causes of back pain, for the dental team
  • Understand how can we prevent back pain becoming a problem for our profession
  • What can we do, at work, to help our backs
  • To evaluate our overall health and how that fits into musculoskeletal health
  • Evidence-based strategies in prevention and management of back pain
  • How to know if your physiotherapist is evidence-based
  • Advice for dental professionals suffering from back pain
  • Back pain myths debunked - is there a role for massage, Pilates, mobilisation and manipulation, acupuncture?
  • Will saddle chairs work?
  • Does magnification really help your back?
  • Are you moving around while doing your dentistry
  • Is stretching good for back pain?
  • What relation does stress have with your back?
  • We draw parallels between the physio world and dental world

If people want regular updates on back, and neck pain, in dentistry they should follow:

Twitter: @Toothphysio and @Ben_FYS

Instagram: thetoothphysio

If you are looking for an evidenced-based physiotherapist in your local area then find followers of @MSK-Reform on twitter and see if any of them can help.

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