Protrusive Dental Podcast #27 – To drill or not to drill?

Posted on 26 June 2020
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Many Dentists still believe that caries in to dentine on a radiograph automatically means they need to start drilling - why might they be wrong. In this episode of Protrusive Dental Podcast, Dr. Louis McKenzie discusses this and caries detections systems and when you should be picking up the drill.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the different management options for established dental caries
  • Debate the timing of intervention for carious lesions
  • Discussion on the classification to describe radiographic caries
  • Carefully (re)consider the timing of the clinical intervention of dental caries
  • Improve decision making with caries detection and treatment timing
  • Why use a caries detection system (such as ICDAS)?
  • Which is the best system?
  • What about cracks, do these count as a 'cavitation' and therefore warrant restoration?

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