Protrusive Dental Podcast #28 – I hate cracked teeth

Posted on 02 July 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the predictors of successful endodontics in relation to characteristics of a crack
  • To be able to diagnose cracked teeth
  • Appreciate when a crack may deem a tooth unrestorable
  • An evidence-based overview of the diagnosis and management of cracked teeth
  • Cracks, the difficult conversations with patients
  • How to manage situations where pain is difficult to localise and you're in a diagnostic dilemma
  • What if you just can’t find out which tooth it is, what should you say to the patient?
  • What % chance of success should you give to the patient based on clinical findings?
  • Can you use a cotton wool roll as an alternative to a Tooth Slooth?
  • Should you chase a crack?
  • When you open a molar access cavity and trace a crack - where is the cut off, for the extent of the crack, before it is deemed not worth saving?
  • Any advice for GDPs dealing with CTS?
  • What is the evidence for RCT in patients with cracks?
  • What is the consent conversation you have regarding cracks?
  • Impact of CBCT in endodontics
  • Can you spot a crack on a CBCT?

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