Protrusive Dental Podcast #29 – Completely dentures

Posted on 03 July 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • To troubleshoot complete dentures and improve success
  • Identify the 'red flag' complete denture patient
  • Revisit the ideal occlusion for complete dentures
  • Explore techniques to improve complete denture records
  • Occlusion with dentures
  • At what point do you need to accept that the patient needs implants, to have success with dentures
  • What’s more important, a technically excellent denture, or a patient with good adaptation
  • Why patients who wear ‘rubbish’ dentures struggle with ‘good’ dentures
  • Which is the best impression material?
  • How to handle a patient who tells you how to do your job
  • How can you achieve suction lower dentures
  • Do all your dentures need to be in Class I
  • How to improve the registration phase of complete dentures
  • Why most dentists trip up at the diagnosis stage of complete dentures, and how to overcome this
  • The importance of writing a letter to your complete denture patient

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