Protrusive Dental Podcast #30 – Composite vs ceramic

Posted on 16 August 2020
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Aims and objectives:

  • To compare composite restorations with ceramic restorations, in terms of clinical parameters for longevity and success
  • Revisit the indications for composite and ceramic
  • To evaluate the performances of composite and ceramic in various clinical scenarios
  • Comparison of the features and benefits of these two restorative materials
  • Is there a place for inlays?
  • At what point does a composite become a ceramic: direct becomes indirect
  • Is there a place for composite onlays?
  • Does the parafunctional status of a patient influence the choice of restoration?
  • Is e.max acceptable for 2nd molars?
  • Dual cure cement vs light cure cement for onlays?
  • How do you decide which cusps to cover, what kind of join is best to the tooth?
  • Pressed e.max vs CAD/CAM e.max
  • What does Dr. Orr think about BOPT/vertipreps?

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