Protrusive Dental Podcast #33 – Airway – dentistry’s elephant in the room

Posted on 22 October 2020
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Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of the airway in dentistry, taking into consideration:

  • The journey of Professor Ama Johal into the micro-niche of the airway within dentistry
  • What is sleep-disordered breathing, hypopnoea and obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Brief overview of the anatomy: the ‘party balloon’ analogy
  • The apnoea-hypopnoea index
  • The contribution of the dental professional: the multidisciplinary nature of the condition
  • What is dental sleep medicine: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) - a pneumatic splint, patient compliance, funding
  • Undergraduate training in medicine and dentistry
  • Sleep-disordered patients, the role of the dentist: mandibular advancement splints
  • The Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • The correlation between parafunction and sleep-disordered breathing
  • Titratable mandibular device: patient acceptance
  • Mini-implant assisted rapid palatal expansion, surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion
  • Does premolar extraction, for orthodontics, adversely affect the airway
  • Children with enlarged tonsils, and adenoids: mouth breathing, causing airway obstruction

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