Protrusive Dental Podcast #44 - Money: 5 reflections to help you get started with investing

Posted on 26 December 2020
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Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of investing, taking into consideration:

  • Dentists who invest: Facebook group
  • Money management
  • Banking, inherent risks
  • Inflation: protecting against it, Government underreporting, Burrito Index
  • The journey of Dr. Martin
  • Trading: frequency, cryptocurrency
  • Investing: portfolios, stocks, index funds
  • Pensions versus investing: NHS, matched contributions
  • DIY versus financial advisors: advantages, disadvantages
  • Interest: the cost of borrowing, compound interest
  • Rule of 72: doubling money with compound interest
  • The best investment: stocks, gold, demand, diversification
  • Capital gains tax: profit realised
  • Individual Savings Account (ISA): no capital gains tax
  • Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP): only for withdrawal after age 55, Government contribution - reduced taxes

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