Style Italiano. Part 4. Adhesion

Posted on 01 February 2015
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Aims and objectives:

In this video, Professor Putignano talks about adhesion, to include:

- enamel in anteriors

- enamel and dentine in anteriors

- failing composites in anteriors

- enamel and dentine in posteriors

Covering adhesion for both direct and indirect techniques. Discussing the importance of adhesion for veneers, explaining the protocols to use to bond to enamel only, or veneers that need to be bonded to enamel and dentine. He further discusses the importance of the veneer thickness in choosing the cement as dual-core or light cure only, for purposes of cementation and also for colour matching

Understand the process of adhesion

  • Understand how adhesion differs in enamel and dentine, related to their structure
  • How adhesion works with composite restorations and indirect restorations
  • Failure of adhesion and how to minimise this

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