StyleItaliano Part 1. Creating aesthetic restorations. An indepth look at morphology and colour

Posted on 01 February 2015
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This is the first of a series of seven videos on various aspects of aesthetic dentistry. In this first video,  Prof Putignano explains the concept of what they wish to achieve with the Style Italiano vision. The concept of “Pop” dentistry is explained – where everyone can carry out everyday dentistry reproducibly and repeatedly. The important factors to consider when creating a restoration are explained  - anatomy and colour. The main factors involved in restoring the anatomy of a tooth are explained in terms dentinal shades, dentinal thickness and a discussion of layering or not The mains factors of colour – hue, chroma and value – are explained and discussed The limitations of shade guides are discussed and how to make colour matching simple is explained The significance of thickness is explained The difference of techniques for Vanini vs Newton Fahl is explained including the technical skills needed to achieve these. Based upon this, Dr Putignano then suggests a technique that is repeatable and reproducible for practitioners to use in their daily practice.

Aims and objectives

  • Understand the importance of the tooth anatomy and what factors determine the outcome for these
  • Understand the importance of colour, translucency and opalescence and what factors determine these
  • Understand limitations of the vita shade guide and other shade guides  and how a custom shade guide can be developed
  • Understand the proportion of dentine and enamel thicknesses to create restorations and how these relate to hue value and chroma

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