StyleItaliano Part 2. The philosophy . Creating techniques that are reproducible for aesthetic restorations

Posted on 01 February 2015
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Following on part 1 where a technique for simplifying the use of composites in aesthetic restorations was suggested by Prof Putignano, Dr Walter De Voto provides and introduces the Style Italiano philosophy of everyone sharing and learning together. He provides examples of cases whereby the group has formed as a learning portal from all. Dr Devoto also showcases some of the newer ideas and technologies that they are developing to simplify composite restorations and the StyleItaliano philosophy within this. This lecture has some very useful items and tips to take your composite restorations to a new level. Tips on achieving dentine and enamel layering to get great aesthetics He explains how the different thicknesses of dentine and enamel using various different composites result in predictable aesthetic results.  Dr DeVoto explains the one technique you can use with any composite material or make to give the predictable aesthetic results. In this lecture, he also shows an instrument that helps achieve a specific thickness of enamel. Tips on shade guide creation. A custom way to construct a shade guide is demonstrated and how you can construct your own shade guide in a very short time of 15 min using the very brand of composite which you use. Tips on bevelling – which instruments to use, where to bevel and bevelling techniques.

Aims and objectives

  •  Understand a philosophy and techniques for creating reproducible and repeatable aesthetic dentistry
  • Understand layering techniques
  • Understand the Misura instrument to get great enamel aesthetics
  • Understand new tips on shade guides

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