StyleItaliano Part 5. Creating affordable conservative aesthetic dentistry for your patients

Posted on 01 February 2015
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This is the fifth of a series of seven videos on various aspects of aesthetic dentistry from Style Italiano In this Part, Dr De Voto provides and explains with case examples, how composites can be used to provide excellent aesthetic results using affordable dentistry. In these difficult economic times, patients may be unable to afford complex treatments so Dr Devoto provides tips on how affordable dentistry can be done using composite resin to provide excellent aesthetic and functional outcomes.

  • First case. Anterior aesthetics. In this video, Dr DeVoto talks through a case of anterior rampant caries. He explains how he treats this case in a step by step approach to get an aesthetic result. He provides tips on treatment planning for the aesthetic case and tips on how he can aesthetically temporise a tooth undergoing root canal treatment using composite to get a positive result. The case also has tips on permanently restoring the endodontically treated tooth with fibre posts and composite resin
  • Second case. Posterior aesthetics in molar and premolar region with failing amalgams, secondary caries and primary caries require endodontics
  • Third case. Aesthetic direct restoration of an endodontically treated anterior tooth
  • Fourth Case. A video of a replacement of a failing class V composite providing tips on preparation, removal of the old composite, preparation of the cavity, composite placement and finishing
  • Fifth case. Addition of composite to a tooth to modify its shape to create an aesthetic outcome.  Example of a case of composite resin additions to diminutive lateral incisors
  • Sixth case. Composite for a tooth with fractured incisors

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand how excellent composite restorations can result in acceptable aesthetic outcomes
  • Understand tips on temporising and definitively restoring endodontically treated teeth to provide aesthetic outcomes
  • Understand using composite in various situations to provide affordable aesthetic outcomes for patients

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