StyleItaliano Part 7. Indirect Composite Veneers and conservative dentistry for aesthetic cases

Posted on 01 February 2015
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This is the seventh and final part of a series of seven videos on various aspects of aesthetic dentistry from Style Italiano. In this lecture, Dr Devoto discussed and demonstrates how indirect composite veneers can be fabricated.

He demonstrates some tips on treatment planning, and how templates can be created for the technician to make accurate veneers which can be easily cemented.

Dr Devoto talks about composite veneers that required to be fabricated and also discussed preformed veneers.

He completes his talk by giving clinical evidence of longevity for both direct and indirect composites and discussing the “daughter test”. Finally, the possibilities of digital dentistry in conservative dentistry for the future are summarised

Aims and objectives

  • Understanding indirect composite veneers.
  • Understanding evidence for indirect aesthetic treatments.
  • Understanding the future of aesthetic conservative dentistry.

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