The 7 top tips in achieving prosthodontics

Posted on 08 January 2019
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In this lecture from the Inaugural Dentinal Tubules Congress 2017, Dr Finlay Sutton provides some amazing tips on how to get your upper and lower complete dentures to be stable and retentive. He provides 7 tips and gives an in-depth description on how to take very accurate primary and definitive impressions for the upper and lower arches, tips on bite records and try-ins to get the best outcome for the optimal complete dentures.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the 7 key steps.
  • Gain insight and tips on getting an accurate impression and how to record the retromolar pad area well.
  • A hands-on tip on how to take special tray impressions for the upper and lower dentures.
  • Some very useful tips on recording the centric relation for the occlusion and tips on using the Gerber Condylator to get the right relation.
  • Tips on getting the optimal try-in. 

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