The Art and Science of Dental Photography Part 1

Posted on 20 December 2015
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60 mins CPD/CE

In this series of videos, Dr Simon Chard talks about an all-important aspect of dentistry - dental photography. This is part 1 where he covers the technical aspects including the kit, the settings and the kind of frames that practitioners can take.

Aims and Objectives of Part 1

Overall aim: Understand the technical aspects of dental photography


  • Understand the reasons for taking photographs in dentistry
  • Gain an understanding of the equipment required including accessories
  • Understand camera settings for dental photography
  • Gain an insight into techniques
  • Gain an insight into which images to take (based on BACD accreditation criteria)
  • Some tips on how to get artistic images
  • Understand the importance of safe storage and rules of editing images
  • Understand the importance of video
  • Gain an insight into the Importance of patient consent

In Part 2 . Dr Simon Chard presents a practical demonstration of how to take the different images. To view part 2 click here