Treatment planning. Mind the gap. Part 1

Posted on 06 September 2015
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Filmed at the BSRD Roadshow in Birmingham in May 2015. This series of lectures covers an important aspect of treatment planning for restorative dentistry, and an introduction to implant concepts. This series is very valuable to young practitioners who find treatment planning a challenge. This is Part 1 of 8

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In this lecture Dr Ken Hemmings discusses the factors that can lead to success of treatment and how you can make the decision on whether to restore or replace a tooth. Dr Hemmings explains the various endodontic, restorative and periodontal factors to consider prior to extracting a tooth . Very useful lecture for those who want knowledge on treatment planning

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the factors that ascertain extraction
  • Understand factors related to dentist and patient that will affect treatment outcome
  • Understand how to measure the restoration outcome and what factors one should be looking at
  • Understand how to understand ways of measures restoration success
  • Understand how long various types of restorations will last
  • Understand the restorative spiral and how you can stop this
  • Understand the risk factors for implant dentistry
  • Understand periodontal assessment and what makes a periodontally hopeless tooth – as demonstrated with clinical exams, as well as understanding that periodontally hopeless prognosis teeth can sometimes also last a long time
  • Understand endodontic assessment, endodontic prognosis and factors leading to endodontic success
  • Understand tooth restorability of endodontically treated teeth and how this can be assessed
  • Understanding what restorative options can be used to endodontically treated teeth
  • Understand the need for replacement and consequences of tooth loss

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