Treatment planning. Mind the gap. Part 5. missing tooth assessment

Posted on 06 September 2015
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Filmed at the BSRD Roadshow in Birmingham in May 2015. This series of lectures covers an important aspect of treatment planning for restorative dentistry, and an introduction to implant concepts. This series is very valuable to young practitioners who find treatment planning a challenge. This is Part 5 of 8

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In this part Dr Nick Lewis talks about missing tooth assessment and factors to consider for placement and suitability of dental implants

This is a great lecture for beginners to understand where implants fit in restorative planning, what factors to take into account for placing implants and what options to consider.  Dr Nik Lewis mentions the 6Ps of implant planning

Aims and objectives

  • General introduction to dental implants as part of restorative dentistry
  • Case assessment and planning, staging of treatment, implants and occlusion
  • Maintenance and complicatons in implant dentistry
  • Fixed implant prosthesis options
  • Removable implant prosthesis options

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