Treatment planning. Mind the gap. Part 7

Posted on 06 September 2015
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Filmed at the BSRD Roadshow in Birmingham in May 2015. This series of lectures covers an important aspect of treatment planning for restorative dentistry, and an introduction to implant concepts. This series is very valuable to young practitioners who find treatment planning a challenge. This is Part 7 of 8. In this part, Nick Lewis talks about the removable solutions in implant dentistry

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AS we go through a baby boomer generation, complete dentures are a norm in an ageing population. However many of these populations will need removable solutions with implant support as many of these denture patients present with various anatomical and adaptation difficulties. In this vein, he shows cases of what has been done to help resolve these in the past, its limitations and how it may be failing and how we progress with implant retained removable solutions or implant retained fixed solutions in the edentulous mouth. He discusses the challenges, the factors to consider in such cases  and what are the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions based upon these factors

Aims and Objectives

  • Understanding the challenge of ageing populations
  • Understanding the factors to consider when selecting various fixed and removable solutions
  • Understand benefits of removable solutions
  • Understand the role of overdentures – what has changed and how will our practice change?
  • Gain an overview of the types of implant support
  • Understand methods of retention -  bars studs
  • Understand facial anatomy and how implant retained removable solutions can improve facial form and aesthetic outcomes via case examples
  • Understand complications and maintenance
  • Know the evidence base for implant survival, early loading protocols, quality of life literature, maintenance and complications
  • Understand the use of CAD-CAM for bar design
  • Factors and treatment options for the maxilla


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